Out with the old, in with the new! Crews are remodeling the Redding Veterans Home on Knighton Road.

The CalVet Veterans Home is going through a huge remodeling project. As you walk in, you’re met with brand new laminate flooring that makes the home lighter and brighter for it’s residents and staff.

“We’re really excited to have it. We’re taking this laminate flooring throughout the facility and then in the skilled nursing wing it’ll be in every resident room. And then on the assisted side of the home, we’ll have a fresh carpet that we’re laying down as well,” Home Administrator Jessica Coppes said.

Coppes said they’ve had carpet in the facility for about a decade, and veterans who live here are happy about the upgrade.

“I am totally excited about it. I have been living here nine years and this is a big change, big change, because it was carpet before and here’s what I was told by one of my fellow residents, ‘I love it because I can hear the people behind me’ and it was a blind person. And so they can hear people coming up on them and the carpet you cannot hear them,” Michael Van Cleemput said.

A four-man crew has been making quick progress, tearing up the carpet, stripping the glue underneath, and then laying down the new laminate flooring.

The new floor has some texture to it, so it’s safer because it’s not as slippery and also easier to clean.

The hope is that the floor remodeling project will be completed in about six months.

Coppes said they had some special funding set aside for the project and it’s been in the making for about two years.

The veterans home can hold up to 150 people, and right now there are about 125 living there.


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